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Old 03-10-2010, 05:57 PM
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Question Bought new Pickups, pickguard, need help with other components

I purchased a set of rio grande pickups for my strat. The dual calibrated set, to be exact. Vintage Tallboy [N], Halfbreed [M], Muy Grande [B]. I have also just recently purchased a replacement pickguard, and my intention is to buy some good quality components for the new pickguard, install the new pickups along with it, and keep the original Fender pickups and components on the original pickguard.

I need some help picking the right components, if anyone would mind taking a few moments to help me "browse" one of the websites that sell these things. I'm fairly familiar with, though I don't know if there are better ones out there.

I'm wanting to do a blender mod, where I can mix in the neck or bridge pickup with a tone knob and have one main "master" tone control for it all. I can find the blender mod schematic fairly easy, and feel confident in my soldering ability.

What I need help on is choosing the right pots, the right (best) capacitors for the pickups I have, and other components. I would also like the treble volume mod, where you solder in a capacitor and a certain type of resistor to maintain treble when lowering the volume.

Thanks in advance, if anyone feels up to the task!
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