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Old 01-18-2010, 03:40 PM
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Default Humbucker Wiring

Could someone give me some tips on installing the Muy Grande Humbucker? I looked at the Wiring section on the RG site and it's different from the schematics with the pickup, and my guitar has a different setup as well.

The schematics show the shield and white wire on top of the volume pot and the red one on the side of the volume pot - I assume this is the hot wire since another wire hooked to the volume pot (not from the pickup) goes to the switch. The black and green wires go to the Tone pot on the side and I can't tell from the diagram if they are together or separate.

I've got one of those Japanese Telecasters from the 80s and there are 3 different switches (the other two are the single coils).
The humbucker has 3 wires, the red and white go to the humbucker switch while the shield or ground goes on top of the Tone pot. There is another cable with two wires (not from any of the pickups) - 1 goes from the side of the Tone pot and one acts as a ground on top going to the Volume pot side and top. The jack goes directly to the Volume pot side and top for the ground.

The pdf file on RG showing the HUM/SC/SC setup says the black wire is the hot wire, but the schematics with the HB take precedence, although there aren't any labels for the different wires. The two Halfbreed single coils I've got say that black is the ground in the schematics with them.

Any help with this would be great.
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